Introducing word from Roofcontrol

The most important thing is to do what you like and do it with love. This is the only way to do something really well. This is the opinion of the entire Roofcontrol team.

Once we climbed onto the roofs, St.Petersburg was in our palm. We looked at the city like the architect looks at the layout of the future building.
We studied the facades of the upper floors, to which the tourist’s view rarely gets, looked at the windows of neighboring houses, where cats lounged on the windowsills, and tried to calm the feeling of the fairy-tale dream that happens to us in reality: the iron ridge of roofs, covered with red rust, and the golden dome of St. Isaac, burning like a bright sun against the background of the gray St. Petersburg sky, the pleasant coolness of fresh breeze, the cries of seagulls and confusion because there is no way to embrace all the spaces with one glance.

That day we fell in love with the city with a new strength and decided that we will try to show Our Petersburg to everyone who wants their own Petersburg shivers.

Roofcontrol 2015