Quad bikes trips

This route is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the fresh air in the forest, drink some tea on the shore of the lake and, if there is a desire and good weather – even swim. On the route there are winding forest roads, mysterious turns and possibility of meeting with wild animals. The goal of the route are the bunkers of the famous “Stalin’s Line”, where you can see multi-level fortifications and touch the long-cooled cannons. We highly recommend taking a camera, a thermos with tea, because we will make stops.


The route is suitable for those who first got on a quad bike and have no driving experience. Quiet, leisurely route with lots of turns, small descents, ups and downs. Well, as in any quad bike trip there will not be without dirt, it will be provided by abundance of forest rivulets and puddles, therefore it is necessary to have appropriate clothes and shoes, as well as clothes for changing after a trip.
And at the end of the journey, upon your return to the base, at your request, we are waited by a pleasant conversation over a cup of tea from a Russian samovar or food cooked on an open fire / coals (we will provide a brazier, a cauldron, a smokehouse).


Also at the end of the trip for a separate fee (2000 rubles regardless of the number of people) you can steam in a hiking bath.
The length of the route is 25-30 km, the duration of the trip is 2-3 hours.

– when renting one quad bike – 5000 rubles / quad bike;
– when renting two quad bikes – 4500 rubles / quad bike;
– when renting three quad bikes – 4000 rubles / quad bike.

You can rent a double quad, so if you rent one quad together, then the cost of renting it divides into two.
In total there are currently three quadss, the maximum number of participants in the tour is six people.
Throughout the route you are accompanied by a tour guide on a separate quade.

For all questions write or call:
8-(950)-024-94-53 (Yuri)
Do not hesitate, just contact us!
Total: 750.00 rubles