The bicycle tour

In St. Petersburg there is a huge number of interesting places worth visiting. But what if there’s not enough time to see all the sights in the big city in one day? There is a solution! We suggest you renting a bicycle and taking one of our exciting routes. You will save time and energy, and see several times more than if you walked by foot.


Those people, who like to combine active and intellectual pastime and remember how to keep in the saddle of a bicycle, will definitely enjoy a guided bicycle tour of St. Petersburg. This is a fairly fast and convenient way to travel and a great combination of an exciting walk in the fresh air and gaining new knowledge about interesting places.

We invite all of you to have a good time and ride on a bicycle in the heart of the St. Petersburg, along the rivers, canals and bridges.
The main route runs through the most popular sights of our city. You will see the main central streets, visit the tower with a fireman on Sadovaya and the Yusupovs’ house, as well as in the Blok museum and in the garden by the Vitebskiy railway station.

The length of the route is 16 km.
Duration: 3,5 hours

Price: 700 rubles per person. + Cost of bicycle rent

Total: 750.00 rubles